Online course: How to become a freelance translator?

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Working as a translator in agencies can be difficult, as there aren’t many options (especially in Chile), and they often don’t pay very much.

There are many translators that graduate from university without knowing how to look for jobs, and there is a considerable portion of them that end up changing their career paths, whether by studying another professional program or working in another area, such as tourism or education.

However, there is another path that isn’t taught that much in university or college: working freelance.

In my case, I’ve been in this career path for over five years: I have the freedom of time and place, as I make my own work schedule and decide where I want to work, since I can literally do it from anywhere in the world. Right now, I’m living in Paris, France, and last year I lived in Panama and Liechtenstein.

During my years as a freelance, I’ve gone through different experiences and challenges that have taught me a lot. Now, I want to share all this knowledge with other translators that want to start their career as a freelance, whether you’re a student that will graduate soon, a recent graduate, or a translator that has been working full-time for a company and wants a change.

How? Through an online course where I will teach the following:

  • Building your customer base.
  • Promoting your business through social media and other platforms
  • Providing legalized translations
  • Managing and planning your workload
  • Steering your revenues and managing your taxes
  • Making a professional quotation

This course also includes several resources, documents, and templates that you can use from day 1.


Unfortunately, the Freelance Translator Course is only available in Spanish at the moment.

I’m working on creating an English one soon.